Ordibehesht Hospital

Ordibehesht hospital

Applying state of art medical devices and a dedicated team of exceptionally qualified medial workforce, Ordibehesht hospital initiated its brilliant medical services in a   ۲۲,۰۰۰ square meters area in 2003. This private hospital is located in a pleasant environment in Chamran Boulevard of Shiraz. A highly specialized team of medical doctors started their joint medical projects to assist patients and contribute to the health of all people regardless of their nationality and language.  Experienced and careful technicians, 100 beds in highly equipped wards and modern technologies bring Ordibehesht hospital an undeniable fame.


  1. Orthopedic services
  2. Specialized ward for gynecology (Uterus & Ovary treatments, and treating vagina diseases) various types of labor (painless labor, water birth, Epidural)
  3. Eximer laser of eye
  4. Surgery ward (plastic, general)
  5. Urology and kidney surgeries
  6. Neuro surgery (surgeries on tumors of central nerve system, Disctomy, fusion, endoscopy on brain to treat Hydrosvalley)
  7. Cosmetic surgeries (Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Lepomatic)
  8. the vascular vessels surgeries
  9. evaluation of sleeping disorder and insomnia: technical clinicians diagnose causes of obesity blood pressure, and brain stroke during night, lethargy in the morning, children’s hyperactivity and  problems with children’s’ growth).

This hospital is equipped with highly technical para -clinical wards including: radiology (Bone densitometry, Mammography, Ultrasound (Doppler, three dimensional, lab, pathology, echocardiography, EKG).


Address: Chamran Boulevard, Shiraz, Iran

Website: http://www.ordibeheshthospital.ir/About.aspx


Email address: info@OrdibeheshHospital.ir

Tel: 07136284821