medical services

 Medical and clinical system of Shiraz

   Medical and clinical system of Shiraz are governed by one of the followings:

  1. govermental sectors (public sectors including university and non-university sectors)
  2. private sectors
  3. Charity sectors

All of these sectors are carefully supervised by two authorized agencies: Shiraz Medical Council and Shiraz Medical university representing the authority of the ministry of health and Medical education in Iran. The quality of services offered at the hospitals in Shiraz are annually appraised and ranked by ministry of health and medical education.

Non-governmental (private) hospitals are devoted to non-Iranian (foreign) patients and public hospitals and clinics are devoted to Iranian patients.

 According to regulations of ministry of health and medical education, the hospitals meeting international patient department (IPD) standards are allowed to offer medical services to international patients.

Costs and quality of medical services in Shiraz

Regarding fees of medical services, comparing to other countries, Iran has been offering low-cost, yet high quality medical services.

What medical services are available in Shiraz? 


More than 130 ophthalmologists are working at specialized ophthalmology centers and clinics in Shiraz. Using cutting edge technologies and advanced ophthalmology laser devices, various types of treatments including cataracts, surgeries on eyes, cornea transplant, amblyopia, Astigmatism are

carried out.

More than 60 dermatologists are currently offering cosmetic services. Relying on the high-tech devices and latest methods, treatments related to restoring derma, refreshing skin, removing acne, filling and derma-related diseases are performed in clinics of dermatology.

  Plastic and cosmetic surgeries

More than 100 specialists are presenting cosmetic treatments such as Bariatric surgery, Liposuction, changing breast size, changing hips size, Rhinoplasty, removing eyelid droop, facial skin droop, neck skin droop, and other parts pf body, Prosthesis of lips cheeks and breast and treating burnt spots and wounds at the best beauty clinic in Shiraz.

Organ Ttransplantation

Shiraz has the only super-specialized hospital for organ transplantation in the middle east. In this center, highly advanced surgeries like liver, pancreas, heart, kidney, lungs, intestine transplantation are carried out.  As Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most serious opponents of selling organ and organ smuggling, meticulous regulations have been passed to supervise the quality of treatments related to organ transplantation. To check further information, you may refer to the following websites:

Treating infertility and Pregnancy related anomalies and diseases

Nearly 260 specialist and super specialist obstetricians are presenting super technical services in terms of natural child birth, Water birth, treating infertility, Cesarean and pregnancy care at hospitals and Outpatients in  Shiraz.

Cardiovascular Diseases

A team of more than 100 cardiologists in shiraz are actively offering precious services like opening the heart arteries, Angioplasty, open heart surgeries, (C.A.B.G), treating Heart valve disease, Congenital heart disease, (E.P.S), (T.E.E), fitness test, Angiography of the vessels, Eco cardiography at advanced hospitals in Shiraz. Most of Varicose veins are curable via non-surgical methods and through laser.

Bone and Joint surgery (orthopedy)

Sixty orthopedic surgeons are working in Shiraz and, using the most technical methods, most advanced orthopedic services are provided (e.g. Changing knee joints, spine surgery, Minisk, Tendons, congenial bone anomalies using Arthroscopy method.


More than 20 Iranian skilled neuroscientists are working in Shiraz hospitals. Using the most updated methods to perform surgeries such as brain tumors, spinal diseases, Brain vascular lesions, and epilepsy are treated. Shiraz is one of few areas in the middle-east presenting the most developed services to cure Parkinson via transplanting electrode in brain.

Different types of general and specialized surgery

More than 100 physicians and specialists are doing various types of advanced and complicated surgeries to treat digestive system, liver, chest, arteries, breasts, thyroid gland, congenital malfunctioning.

Shiraz is one of rare places in the Middle East where some of congenital anomalies could be diagnosed during pregnancy and before childbirth. 

Ear, throat, nose and neck surgery

More than 80 ENT specialists are working in Shiraz. In high-tech center of Cochlear implant, more than 1000 cases have been implemented. Nearly, 150 cases of sever deafness were cured via Cochlear implant. Moreover, Rhinoplasty, Sinus Surgery, Tonsillar surgery, neck and head cancer surgeries are implemented in these centers.

Kidney and urinary tract surgeries

In shiraz, nearly 30 kidney and urinary tract specialists are offering the most technical and highly advanced operations and laparoscopy to treat diseases such as kidney stone, infertility, kidney cancers, Urinary tract and prostate cancers, Varis, Testicular hernia, Sterilization of men via Vasectomy, enlarging penis, and surgeries for transgender patients. In addition, kidney stone is treatable using Crusher machine and without surgeries. Special services are also available to treat impotence, urinary incontinence, and abnormal size of prostate.

         Cancer treatment

In Shiraz, a team of oncologists and cancer surgeons are working to diagnose and treat different types of cancer through the most cutting edge methods and highest quality devices of chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Internal diseases

More than 90 internal diseases specialists are offering medical treatments to cure cardiovascular diseases, Endocrine and metabolism diseases (e.g. diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Rheumatism, Blood diseases, lung diseases (e.g. Asthma, allergies, and lung cancers), infectious diseases and gastrointestinal diseases. Meanwhile, more than 300 podiatrists are providing medical services to treat all internal diseases for Iranian and non-Iranian kids. 

Dentistry services  

More than 1500 dentists are providing a wide range of dentistry services including Endodontics, Jaw and mouth surgeries, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Parthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.

Psychotherapy and clinical psychology 

More than 30 psychologists are treating psychiatric patients in hospitals and clinics of Shiraz.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy  

Around 20-rehabilitation specialist and nearly 370 physiotherapists are working in rehabilitation clinics of Shiraz.

    Herbal and traditional medicine 

Iran has been regarded as the cradle of traditional and herbal medicine since the ancient time. Nowadays, most of the medical texts written by Avicenna are still in use at European and American medical schools.

Currently, some general physicians in Shiraz pursue their medical education in traditional and herbal medicine and get specialists in this field. These specialists are ready to give services to the patients coming from different parts of the world. Additionally, other alternative medical procedures like homeopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, and Cupping are also practiced in some clinics of Shiraz.