Medical Tourism

Shiraz: Shining Capital of literature, poetry of Iran and a great destination  for medical tourists

“Blessed be Shiraz in its unparalleled state/May God Almighty guard against its demise.” So wrote Hafez, the revered 14th century poet and native of Shiraz, a verse that has become for many the unofficial slogan of Iran’s esteemed cultural capital. Shiraz is a city steeped in history and poetry, and should be found at the top of any tourist’s itinerary.

Tourist attractions in Shiraz, however, go much beyond its historical places and cultural monuments. Featuring high quality and standard medical services along with low-cost treatments, Shiraz, is an ideal medical tourism destination in the world. Favorable weather condition, elegant hotels, conformable lodging houses and hostels, recreation facilities, luxurious residential and lots of historical and cultural attractions highlight the city as an excellent choice for medical tourists.

Shiraz, a metropolis in Iran, is the biggest center offering the best medical services in south of the country. More than 6000 general physicians, specialists and fellows are offering high quality medical care and services to Iranian and foreign patients. Using advanced medical methods and clinical facilities, the most important and complicated surgeries are performed in more than 30 hospitals and 100 clinics. Rivaling its peers in America and Europe, Shiraz has one of the most well-known organ transplantation centers in the middle east. With all these in mind, in addition to close distance between Shiraz and Arab states of Persian Gulf, Shiraz is potentially the best target for medical tourists.