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About Shiraz Medical Council


Shiraz Medical Council (SMC) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) affiliated with Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council. As a regulatory body, Shiraz Medical Council has a statutory role to protect the public by promoting the highly valued professional codes and values amongst medical workforce and all health care professional (except nurses who are registered by Iran Nursing Organization) in Shiraz. This organization represents the interests of 13000 members including general practitioners, specialist and sub-specialists in medicine, general dentists, specialists in dentistry, pharmacists, clinical laboratory doctors, midwives, and other licensed health care workers (such as physical therapists, optometrists,) in matters related to professional policy, licensing, authorization and legislative procedures.  The council issues work permit for all medical practitioners in Shiraz and oversees the quality of medical services provided by members of SMC. This body is where the public may refer their complaints against members of SMC (e.g. general physicians, dentists etc.). Moreover, all training sessions, academic meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences in Shiraz are authorized by SMC.