MRI Hospital

MRI Hospital

Dr. Khoshnood founded MRI hospital in 1993 in a 5000 square meter space. The hospital has been successful in providing the best medical care in all level. MRI hospital has been accredited by ISO9001, ISO1801 and ISO 9001:2008 and systematic management certificate. High quality services in MRI promoted the level of ISO certificates. To gain a systematic and standard financial and educational management, we have followed these indices:

  1. employing committed and qualified staff
  2. using updated medical devices
  3. implementing quality control instructions
  4. establishing a scientific collaboration with other centers and healthcare professionals
  5. having a direct contact with the patients
  6. presenting medical services to neighboring countries


MRI has 12 operation rooms, imaging room with high end devices is ready to provide all needed procedures, biopsy system, bone densitometry, mammography, OPG, sonography, CT scan, and digital radiology devices, orthopedy ward, ENT ward, gynecology ward, ophthalmology, neurology, and urinary ward. Diagnosis ward of this hospital consists of digital radiology, 3D and 4D CT-scan, spiral CT scan, sonography, mammography, echo-cardiography, nuclear medicine, Cephalometry, colonoscopy, endoscopy,

In cat lab ward, cardiovascular procedures, angiography and angioplasty are carried out. The ward is equipped with panel flat, digital images, Artis zee floor devices, EKG, and all devices to protect the patients. Here is a gist of the medical services presented in MRI:

Diagnosing congenial heart diseases
Heart Arteries angiography

Angiography of Kidney arteries, brain and organ arteries

Closing internal and external valves of heart using state of art devices

Rheumatology, urinary, Endocrine and Metabolism

Speech therapy and audiometry

  All general and specialized surgeries

Para clinic ward of MRI includes vaccination, midwifery ward, rehabilitation and physical medicine, clinical psychology, chemo therapy ward, pharmacy, surgical laser, dermatology, dentistry and nutrition wad. 

Address: Chamran Blvd. Shiraz, Iran 


Tel:  +98136276992