Mir Hospital

Mir Hospital

Mir Hospital is one of private hospital equipped with the latest medical technology and dedicated medical doctors and health care professionals for both international patient department and Iranian patients.  This hospital provides patients with excellent care in the following areas of practice: pediatrics, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, orthopedy, general surgery, ENT, cardiovascular surgeries, jaw and face surgeries, neurosurgeries, spinal surgeries, and gynecological surgeries. Mir hospital has private rooms, and 50 beds, digital radiology center, and pharmacy. Medical units in Mir hospital include cosmetic clinic and general HIS and orthopedy.

Mir hospital has two surgery wards. In one of the wards general surgeries, spinal and nerve system operations, orthopedy, plastic, face and jaw operations are carried out. In this ward, VIP rooms are available for patients.  The other surgery ward has 15 beds and microscopic nerve surgeries, face and nose surgeries are implemented in this wards. Plus, dental treatments are also given in Mir hospital.

Health care professional and nutritionists are also providing comprehensive and well-planned diets for patients. Dietary requirements of patients are closely examined and supervised by a qualified team of nutritionists at Mir hospital. The team is giving well-organized clinical instruction on how and what to eat to get back to normality and stay healthy. Diet and nutrition ward of Mir hospital is in fact providing a distinguished service as far as diet and food therapy is considered.  Para-clinic services at Mir hospital include: lab, radiology, sonography and pharmacy.

Address: DrMirhospital@gmail.com

Website: http://mir-hospital.com/

Tel: 98+7136282826