Khodadoost Hospital

Khodadoost Hospital

Super specialized Khodadoost Hospital has been a unique high end medical center providing specialized ophthalmological services. This hospital has been successfully doing its mission in the following areas: cornea examination, retina examination, contrast sensitivity, visual flid, and tear duct examination. In this hospital most complicated treatments are carried out:   refractive correction, cataract treatments, retina treatment, corneal treatment, glaucoma treatment, amblyopia, (lazy eye), restorative surgeries, Laser photocoagulation, Chalazion Treatment, Pterygium Surgery, Eyelid Ptosis, Intravitreal injections, Blepharoplasty, Strabismus Treatment, PRK Eye Surgery, eyelid and orbit treatment.

This hospital is also providing high-tech facilities for patients in 24-hour outpatient, eight operating wards, Lasik operating rooms where the most cutting edge operating devices are used for cornea transplantation, implanting different types of contact lenses, retina departure and retina bleeding, and all complicated ophthalmological anomalies. Lasik room is equipped with devices to correct refractive errors, Astigmatism and farsightedness. Cosmetic surgeries on eyes are also carried out in Khodadoost specialized ophthalmology hospital.

 Address: Motahari Blvd, Sattar khan Sqr,

Shiraz, Iran

Tell: +98 7136277070