Dena Hospital

Dena hospital

Dena hospital (affiliated medical doctors’ cooperation no. 59) has opened its door in Shiraz since 1998. In its closed 23000 square meters and with 200 beds, Dena hospital is one of the best hospitals in south of Iran providing advanced medical services for patients of all range and nationalities. Cutting edge technologies and qualified healthcare professionals create the best opportunity for Iranian and non-Iranian patients to get top treatments. To raise the quality of medical services, Dena has been able to achieve ISO9001:2015 certificate and it has been ranked as the first medical center in annual accreditation process. The international patient department of the hospital is also recognized as one of the best-developed wards in the whole country. Dena is actively providing medical services in the following specialties: surgeries (urology, orthopedy, neurosurgery, cardiovascular diseases, ENT, ophthalmology, plastic, pediatrics and internal diseases. Advanced minimally invasive is also one of most significant activities implemented in this hospital. 

Distinguished professors and modern devices in operation room, imaging room, lab and special care (e.g. SIC, CICU, NICU, CCU, ICU) are among the capacities of Dena hospital. Five special care wards, internal ward, Dialysis, and pediatrics, operation room are available in Dena hospital. High end pathobiology laboratory, radiology ward, and IVF ward along with angiography and clinics are located in Dena hospital.

Address: Koye Dena, Motahari Blvd, Shiraz.


Tel+: 9871-36490411