Abou Ali Sina

Abou Ali Sina Hospital

Abou Ali Sina for medicine and Transplantation Center

Located in North West Sadra, Shiraz, Abou Ali Sina is the greatest and the largest transplantation center in the middle east area. The hospital was founded by Dr. Malek Hosseini, the greatest liver specialist and surgeon in Iran and a  qualified  team of specialists. Abou Ali Sina is a charity hospital in which all ranges of transplantation procedures (e.g. liver, kidney, heart, pancreas etc.) and most complicated surgeries are nowadays carried out. With the most updated medical technologies and compassionate and professional team of doctors and healthcare professionals, Abou Ali Sina has started its medical services since 2016 and more than thousands of successful surgeries have been implemented in this hospital since then. To seek further information about the type and quality of medical services in Abou Ali Sina and know about the price of the medical services, you may refer to the following links: